Songs With Title As The First Lyrics

There are a number of songs whose title make up the first lyrics, this is done for emphasis.

Songs With Title As The First Lyrics

There are a number of songs whose title make up the first lyrics, this is done for emphasis. Although there are vast, mentioning them is hard because of its uniqueness. Beginning the first lyrics with the title itself is rare for many artists but artists like Adele have managed and the song is loved by many. Adele’s song hello begins by mentioning the title hello it’s me giving a listener an easy time of identifying the key word. According to her, hello was all about reconnecting with friends, both girlfriends, fans and ex-boyfriend. She builds a good rapport with her fans making them eager to listen and memorize the whole album.

In Bob Marley's song could you

In Bob Marley’s song could you be loved? Begins with the same words. The first stanza introduces the title enabling the listeners to analyze meaning behind the phrase. Giving your title the same name as your lyrics is a matter of choice or style, there is something musicians tend to achieve with that style. Repetition creates emphasis, brings out the rhythm, melody in songs, specifies the main message. In this song, Marley, talked about love, meaning of love, how beliefs differ when love is concerned.

Songs With Title As The First Lyrics

Norah Jones album come away with me is another example, according to her, lovers should stick together through thick or thin to win any battle. Sweet emotion by Aerosmith starts with the title as first lyrics, a similar situation for Old man by Neil Young, Black Betty by Ram Jam just to mention a few. This style of songwriting ensures that the patterns, syllables, stress are correctly input to generate a clear story. Their first verse begins with the title, which means that is what they were communicating, it shows a strong start, need to pass main information to listeners.

One of the guidelines beginners are taught is to start with words they need to communicate. The best way to achieve this is by rewriting the title as your opening lyrics. To Adele, hello was like a wake-up call, it brought an old memory of what being herself felt like, socializing with friends. Fans could see the importance of cherishing good or bad things to reflect your journey. An artist structure songs depending on what needs to be achieved.

A song rhythm depends on your choice of words, title, patterning, syllables, stress. This structure is common in pop songs, maybe because of the genre and need to create musicality to fans.