The Reason Behind the Rise of Popularity of Lyric Videos

Lyric videos have been produced across all the music genres such as country, jazz, rock, reggae, and Blues.

The Reason Behind the Rise of Popularity of Lyric Videos

Lyric videos have been produced across all the music genres such as country, jazz, rock, reggae, and Blues. Their sole purpose is to ideally portray information about scenes, situations, or thoughts to its listeners using a more fulfilling, enchanting way. The lyric videos pacesetters would be those from Bob Dylan (1965) or George Michael (1990). The other notable early examples include R.E.M’s “Fall on Me,” with critics saying it was more of a traditional video with lyrics inside. It’s in the early 2010s that mass production of high-quality lyric videos really began.

The fuel behind their astronomical rise in popularity was definitely the YouTube platform. Online streaming became a big factor in how well a song could rank on official charts such as Billboard. This was in addition to what the songs had raked in through sales, including several radio plays. That prompted lyric videos to be a mouth-watering concept that would trigger the rate of views to rise, leading to a better ranking of songs.

This was bad news to the

Fans developed a tendency to upload their favorite songs on YouTube with lyrics before releasing their main video. As video footage was limited, they got their slides rolling, making the major part of their video backgrounds. Interestingly, they could rush the song or even alter the audio a little to cheat YouTube’s copyright radar.

This was bad news to the purveyors as it sent their pockets hurting, losing revenue amid a rampant spread of a lower quality version of their original productions. Those videos didn’t direct traffic to their sites or even feature links for buying their tracks on iTunes. The sole cure for this ailment was for the musicians to take over their game and produce their own lyric videos. This gave birth to high-quality lyric videos that have won the adoration of fans by storm.

Perhaps the most popular lyric video

It was an idea whose time had finally come beckoning, necessitating its implementation. Not only were they faster, easier and cheaper to produce, but they also cut down production costs on costumes, lighting, sets to the enumeration of directors. And what could really beat lyric videos in clicking while peeking into the interests of their fans who couldn’t seem to get enough of their music?

Perhaps the most popular lyric video of all time was admittedly CeeLo Greene’s hit banger politely titled “Forget you.” Moving block types and a Midas touch of sharp fluorescent background with unique typography developed by his team worked the trick of making eyeballs glued to it, making the song such a thing. It spectacularly set the theme for a jilted lover’s frank, outright dismissal of a former spouse setting new bars on YouTube as the stats don’t lie. The song was on fire attracting over 11 million views, its official video claimed it was viewed over 23 million after its release 1 month later.

The Reason Behind the Rise of Popularity of Lyric Videos

That set the part for preceding lyric videos, which mastered the art of using clever conceits, including animated text effects, to give their songs that much-needed meaning. Observers have welcomed this success with open arms as the stats don’t lie, which is evident in the following cases :

1. The views for lyric videos increased astronomically, over 7 times since the year 2011, with the top 500 lyric videos demanding over 624 million views.

2. Rihanna ft David Guetta’s “Who’s That Chick” garnered 11.9 million views, way more than its original video, which attracted three million less after its release 3 months later.

To get the point that lyric videos are here to stay, MTV has recognized this vibrant genre, which has made it to its award gala for the “Best Lyric Video.” It’s looking for the artists who know how well to use that text on video effects and get eyeballs screwed onto screens. Lyrics’ importance to fans is long-standing. Considering the genre’s noticeable evolution is the grand evidence that according to Quoth Amy Doyle, MTV’s executive music president and talent programming strategist.

Hashtags have dominated the social media scene in an attempt to keep tongues wagging and, yes, vote for their preferred candidate on the slot. This is just the right indicates that the wave of popularity of lyric videos is just getting started. Lyric videos’ production has become a trend among music personalities who have found the trick to keep their fans entertained as they await the real thing. Renowned personalities in the industry such as Katy Perry have mastered this art well, and it’s doing the trick for them.