Why Lyric Poetry Is the Easiest

Poetry is a genre of literature, it ensures that the reader gets understanding and enjoyment from reading or listening to it.

Why Lyric Poetry Is the Easiest

Poetry is a genre of literature, it ensures that the reader gets understanding and enjoyment from reading or listening to it. It is a means of expressing your feelings creatively with words. Poets write in concise language, the beauty of poetry is in the poet’s ability to convey a clear message using a few words. Poetry can be called several names like ballad, epic, ode or lyric poetry, depending on the theme and rhythm. Lyric poetry is poetry that embraces the expression of emotions in a musical manner. It comprises the use of poetic devices like rhymes and meters to form verses that sound musical.

Lyric poetry was originally sung together

Lyric poetry was originally sung together with a lyre; a U-shaped musical string instrument. However, as time passed, lyric poetry became more about the rhythmic verses than the instrument with which it was played. Lyric poetry encompasses themes that affect a person’s feelings like love, death or war. Musical poets say that their poetry expresses their inner thoughts about all life experiences as it affects them. When a person is in pain, lyrical poems about healing can heal them psychologically because of how powerful and relatable they are. An excellent lyrical poem is “sonnet 18” by the dramatist Williams Shakespeare.

Why Lyric Poetry Is the Easiest

In that poem, the poet spoke freely from the heart showing that he was expressing his true feelings. Throughout this poem, the poet makes references to his lover’s loveliness which he thinks is more than that of a Summer’s day. Imbic pentameters are seen with a rhythmic pattern typical of sonnets. The rhyme scheme exposes the musical nature of the poem as one that can be composed into a song for the enjoyment of all who like listening to poetry rather than reading. Shakespeare called this poem Sonnet 18, and students of literature believe the poem was written for a distant lover.

A lyric poem is the easiest to compose since all it requires is rhythm and emotions. In “sonnet 18”, Shakespeare describes unfavorable dispositions towards summer: the heat from the sun, the negative effects on flower buds, but praises a lover’s beauty as something flawless. Lyrical poetry allows poets the freedom to express thoughts about nature and life on earth with no restrictions. Being able to pour out bottled up emotions helps writers get better with their creative writing. Writers embrace lyric poetry because with it, they can display strong emotions about mundane things.

Unlike other genres of poetry, lyrics can be made into folk songs. 40% of contemporary music was originally lyric poetry composed by infamous artists who needed a means to express themselves. Lyrical poetry is not limited to a particular form, it can be made as sonnets, odes, or as poems composed for special occasions. Another good lyric poem is “A Dirge” by Christina Rossetti, where she expresses sorrow over a loss. Poetry allows you to connect with your inner voice in a comforting manner because of the concise language. Experts in literature recommend reading poems by Shakespeare and Rossetti to get the best of lyrical poetry.